About Spot Reporters

Spot Reporters enables mobile users to become a local government's eyes and ears by "deputizing" citizens to report potholes, graffiti, and other non-emergency issues using their mobile phone.

We work with city governments to customize Spot Reporters to fit their specific needs. By configuring the system with their service types and custom brand, we help our clients provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their users.

Spot Reporters was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing CRM, EAM, and GIS systems. By extending the convenience and accessibility of existing services, we enable governments to "do more with less".

Our proven technology has been deployed by major cities and is used by tens of thousands of mobile users.

About Connected Bits

Connected Bits is a software company that develops mobile applications and services.

Connected Bits was founded by Eric Carlson and Dave Mitchell, both of whom have deep mobile software development experience as well as executive-level experience leading technology-driven organizations.

In 2008 Connected Bits partnered with the City of Boston to develop and launch Citizens Connect, the company’s first deployment of its Spot Reporters technology and one of the country’s first mobile 311 applications. Connected Bits has also launched services in Grand Rapids Michigan, Baltimore Maryland, and Brookline Massachusetts, and is rolling out similar deployments with cities across the US.


phone: 603.889.2200
email: info@connectedbits.com